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Shop and the relaxing industry

Workers in the relaxing industry are professionals. In this business it is vital to know what you are doing and not to overstep your limits. We feel that prostitution requires ‘awareness’. Shop is there to listen to you, to inform you and to support you when performing your job. We are well informed about day-to-day business in the relaxing industry. Feel free to confide in us; express your concerns or ask any

questions you might have.

Information & advice

What amount of taxes do I owe as a sex worker? Can I get a free Hepatitis-B shot? I would like to take Dutch classes, where can I apply? How can I organise my work better? We pay regular visits to work locations to give information

and to answer your questions. We also publish a newsletter to keep you informed about important developments in the relaxing industry.

Care and services

Now and then, anybody may require some additional support. For you, it may not be easy to explain how you earn your money. Shop can offer you practical support and care without asking awkward questions about your profession.

Shop’s care and services are free of charge. We know by experience about the following subjects:

  • money matters (including income, taxes and debts)
  • health and welfare
  • awareness
  • sexuality, intimacy and work
  • training, re-education and changing your profession
  • housing and shelter or emergency shelter
  • pressure and violence
  • discrimination
  • human trafficking
  • use of substances and addiction
  • personal relationships (relatives, children or partners)

Changing careers

After working in the relaxing industry for some time, you might consider a new profession. The programme Carrière Switch (Changing Careers) - is meant for men and women who are looking for a different job, training and/or a course. Finding a

new job is bound to be challenging. A counsellor may support you, depending on your wishes and situation.

Shop’s 24-hour shelter

Shop’s 24-hour Shelter is the place for a meal, a shower, a bed for the night or a visit to a doctor. But you are also welcome to join us for some company or a good talk. Shop’s Shelter is a place for women to meet and exchange experiences.

How do we cope with privacy?

Protection of your privacy is guaranteed at Shop. You can either enlist with your professional name or your true name. If we need to consult authorities we will - obviously - only do so with your consent.

Where and when can you find us?

We are available at Shop’s office from Monday through Friday from 09:00 till 17:00 hours. Every afternoon, from 13:00 till 17:00 hours, a community care worker (AHV) is available at the office for immediate replies to your questions. You will often find us at work locations on afternoons and in the evenings

Opening hours Shop’s office is open from Monday through Fridays from

09:00 till 17:00 hours. Shop’s shelter can be contacted by telephone from 08:00 till 22:00 hours. During the opening hours you can also apply for a bed for the night.

Shop office
Management and AHV
Herengracht 20
2511 EH Den Haag
Telephone: 070-3614747

070 21 95 315